Leather belt sizes

Custom Tunner belt in tan with full length stitch

Length of the belt

All belts are made to your specific size. For the most precise fit, lay out a belt you currently use and run a tape measure from where the leather folds through the buckle to the most used hole (see diagram below – please do not measure from the end of the buckle itself).

Alternatively, if you do not have a belt to hand then if you provide me with a trouser size in inches (e.g. 34″ or 36″) I can make a belt to fit that size. If you are at all unsure about sizing then please contact me and we’ll work it out. All of the belts have seven adjustment holes.

Width of the belt

Choice of belt width is down to both personal preference and the kind of clothes you’ll be wearing it with. A 1 ¼” belt will comfortably fit through the belt loops of most trousers and jeans and is a very common choice. A 1 ½” belt can be too wide for some trousers but will generally fit most jeans. A 1” belt is a slender style that can sometimes look too narrow on men’s jeans.

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